CI – Going Back in Time

Sometimes I think about things seen in science fiction, and imagine if it were possible. Is that weird? One such thing that happens occasionally in a movie is the subject of time travel. One example is in Star Trek IV, where the crew of the Enterprise must travel back to the 20th century to take whales back to their time to save the Earth. But what would happen if we went back in time? Would it be like in the Back to the Future trilogy, where altering the past would change the future, possibly deleting you from existence (albeit, in not as corny a way)? Would it cause a paradox that would destroy the space-time continuum? No one knows for sure, since travelling through time is currently impossible with our current technology and science.

Let’s presume, for a moment, that time travel were possible. To what time in history would I want to visit? When I was in my state of severe depression (before going on my depression meds), I would have said to go back to when I was born and erase that occurrence. Thankfully, I haven’t felt that way for several months now.


I think one period of time I’d like to visit is the Revolutionary period, roughly the late 1700s, just after the United States gained its independence. I would love to be able to meet and learn things from the Founding Fathers. It would be interesting to ask them directly how they envisioned this country be run, then give them examples of how things are run now, and see what their thoughts would be. Honestly, they’re probably rolling over in their graves at the thought of the state of this country now, but that’s a topic of discussion for another time.


I would also love to go back to the assassination of JFK. Not to save him, as that would have serious repercussions. However, it would be to know for certain who the actual assassin was, and if it really was a cover-up and inside job. Everyone has their opinions, and I have mine. But, as I say, this post is not the forum for any speculation.

JFK in limo, Dallas 1963, moments before being struck
One frame later, JFK’s head exploding

As long as we’re dealing with the truth, I will confess that I would love to go to the past and find all sorts of what are now considered rare coins and paper currency, then bring them back to 2020 in order to make a killing. Like I’d go back and grab a bunch of large denomination bills (like the $10,000 and $5,000 bills), several 1909-S VDB pennies—the ones that are rare (only like 46,000 of them were minted)—right after they were shiny and just minted, as well as a shit ton of gold coins/bullion. I guess this sounds a bit like Biff from Back to the Future, travelling through time for personal gain. I told you I was being honest. I really would want to do that. I guess it’s a good thing time travel isn’t a thing.

10000 Bill

1909 pennyLet’s see, what other years would I want to see? Perhaps go back to the days of ancient Greece or Rome, to see the historical sites back in their heyday. It’d be my luck I wound up arrested or killed by some local of the day. I would also love to return to 2001, to learn the real story behind 9/11. Some think there was hijinks within our own government, others, like the media, want people to think that Al-Qaeda really was behind the whole thing. Whatever the real truth is, I would love to learn it from the source(s). Unfortunately, today, if someone were to come out and tell us the real truth behind the JFK assassination or the 9/11 culprits, even with irrefutable evidence, most people would not believe them. Those folks would be seen as insane or a menace to society, and put away, either in a jail or a mental institution somewhere. Certain topics will never, ever be solved, either because something was hidden, buried or otherwise destroyed, or investigations were totally botched and fucked up. Besides the aforementioned JFK and 9/11, there was the Zodiac killer and his coded messages; the JonBenét Ramsey murder; the D.B. Cooper case; the murders of Bob Crane and Dorothy Kilgallen; and many others. We could look into a myriad of conspiracy theories about any of these cases, but that would take so much time. It would still be interesting to return to those times and learn the actual truth.


As far as going into the past and change anything about myself, I sincerely think that I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe I’d force myself to take more college classes and learn something useful, but if I changed much about my life, I probably wouldn’t have my four kids, which I love to death, even though there are times that they really get on my nerves or exasperate me to no end. I think that’s the case with most parents: love their kids, even when they cause trouble at home.

If you were given the opportunity, to what point in history would you like to go back? Any point in the past, but you can’t alter any historical events, even the bad ones (no you can’t go back and kill Hitler or Trump when they were kids). Also, what would you like to see or do in that time? Let me know in the comments, either here or on social media. Or email it to me, it doesn’t matter which. Until next time, take everything one day at a time, be your best self, be safe and be well.

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