CXII – Abolish Them!

The late comedian George Carlin was known for his profanity, but also for his rather insightful thoughts on society, politics and religion. He had a straightforward way of getting his point across. Some of his thoughts were spot-on; other things he said were for entertainment. In one of his HBO shows, he cited, within his usual ranting, a list of people he thought should be killed. Kind of along that line, there are things in society today that I feel should be greatly reduced or restricted, if not abolished completely.

The first group that I feel should go away is the FCC. At least tone them back a ways. I’ll give them credit for the movie ratings system and the “Parental Advisory” labels on music, but that’s about it. Their giving everyone a heads-up on something that might be offensive, I’ll grant. You want to buy a CD (Walmart still sells them, remarkably), and you see “parental advisory” in black and white lettering. You decide if you want to buy it. You’ve been warned. As far as censorship on the TV, I think that should go the fuck away. Some countries only bleep out the word “fuck”. The US bleeps out shit that isn’t even a swear word, but something that can be construed as racist. Like in one episode of “Kitchen Nightmares”, Ramsay visits a restaurant ran by a French dude. They get into a heated argument about the cleanliness of the kitchen (what else is new?), and the dude says it’s his kitchen. In the US version, you hear Ramsay yelling, “If it’s your kitchen, then clean it, you pig. You [bleep]!” The uncensored version on YouTube reveals that the restaurant owner was called a “French pig”. See, what I don’t get is why things are censored on television that you hear in everyday conversation. You hear all manner of profanity everywhere, but on TV, it’s all censored and redacted. Some will say “Oh, I don’t want my kids to hear that”, or “That language offends me.” Know what? Everyday life is filled with F-bombs and other assorted profanity. Let’s just chalk this up to one more thing people get all butt-hurt about in the 21st century.

What else should be seriously deflated? Everything related to government. The United States government is WAY too big and bloated. The government wants to grow and grow into an even larger behemoth that wants to control and micro-manage every aspect of every citizen’s life every second of every day. It can’t do that if it goes on a serious financial diet. This country spends nearly double what it makes in taxes every year, and right now we’re pushing $27 trillion in debt, which equals roughly $81,000 for every single person in this country, including the babies just born today. Oh, you were just born? Congratulations! You’re already $81K in debt! Shit, even Jeff Bezos’ $200 billion net worth is a drop in the bucket—the federal debt is like 135 times that amount. Even worse is what is called “unfunded liabilities”, or the payments that the government has promised to make, but can’t pay for. That’s currently over $150 trillion (seven times the debt), and expected to balloon to over $200 trillion in four years. Just wait. There will come a point where the government will face its day of reckoning, and it’s gonna be ugly. Unfortunately, it’s not far away, either. Our economy is gonna take a major dump, and we’ll all be in deep shit. This reminds me of something I heard years ago. The common man’s motto: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Government’s motto: “if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is”. Well, they done broke everything. Now we wait until everything comes to a screeching, grinding, crashing halt.

You know what else should be yeeted from existence, or maybe to a parallel dimension? All of those rich bitches who are nothing but a family full of attention whores, whose initials are all either “KK” or “KJ”. Every last one of them. Including that thing that used to be Bruce Jenner. No one in that family has a single redeeming quality, they’re all ugly as fuck, and the only reason anyone even knows anything about them is because their daddy defended OJ Simpson when he went on trial. How bizarre is that? Simpson being defended by his girlfriend’s husband. I think the Scooby-Doo gang should have investigated that case. Maybe then he wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

Let’s see. What else can we send off into deep space with hardly any fuel? PETA. Supposedly it stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. They claim they stand up for animals, but I have no clue what kind of whack jobs even run that organization. Even some of the most hardcore animal rights people are embarrassed by PETA. All they do is make themselves the butt of jokes and look stupid. Take, for example, when they tweeted about changing certain idioms because they were cruel to animals. They suggested, for example, that instead of saying “beating a dead horse”, we should instead say, “feeding a fed horse”. What kind of cockamamie bullshit is that? Instead of bringing home the bacon, we should be bringing bagels🤨. Huh? Bagels are okay, but bacon is much tastier! And, if a horse has already been fed, why would you feed it more?! Isn’t that animal cruelty? Whatever these PETA people are smoking or snorting, maybe they should share some of it. There might be a lot less uptight people around🥴. At one time, Greenpeace and PETA may have been something worthwhile. I mean, their supposed mission statements may have been decent at one time. Now, however, they’re so far off in left field that they’ve left the parking lot and are miles from the ballpark. They’re leaning so far left that they are pretty much laying on the ground, and can’t lean anymore. These wackos all think that people should be eating grass, bark and berries and eliminating every form of modern convenience out there—no airplanes, no cars, no factories, no lawn mowers, no coal-fired electricity, no cow farts. By the way, their electric cars’ batteries are more harmful to the environment that fossil fuels. These morons think we should return to a 12th-century way of life, with a small fraction of the human population we have now.

Ah, yes, it would be so nice to get certain groups of people out of our lives. Can we just take and deposit all these worthless groups into some alternate universe, shoot them into space with a one-way ticket to the edge of the universe, or maybe put them onto a rickety ship heading for the most remote part of the Pacific, with just enough fuel to make it there, guaranteeing they will not be able to return? I can imagine. I can wish, even though, reality dictates that it will never happen, and that we’re stuck with all these lowlife cretins. Fortunately for me, I have never had to deal with anyone in these groups personally in my 48 years of life, and probably never will.

Is there someone or something you’d like to see abolished, banished or otherwise yeeted? It’d be interesting to hear your take. With that, another post is finished. You, my readers, are not among the hated people. You all are decent enough to give me audience for a few minutes every week (or every day if you follow Please check out my post next week here. Until then, be safe and be well.

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