CXLII – This Ain’t Burger King!

Something that really grates on me is how so many people are a bunch of whiny babies. In twenty-first century America, people go about all day wringing their hands and gnashing teeth because something didn’t go their way.

I’ve noticed, especially working with the public, that people think they’re entitled to everything handed to them for free, and that things must go exactly the way they want when they want. Hardly anyone understands the concept of waiting and patience. This is partly due to smartphones and social media. People can get their fix of streaming videos and music, news, weather, binge an entire season of [insert name of show here] in one sitting, rather than having to wait a week for the newest episode. Hell, some people are pissed at Disney because they have to wait until December for the next season of the Mandalorian to begin!

Adorable little Grogu, colloquially known as “Baby Yoda”. Mandalorian season 3 won’t be on until the end of 2021

No one seems to want to pay for what they get anymore, either. Old people think they’re entitled to a discount, just for being old. “Karen” wants the manager because her hamburger had a pickle on it, when she asked for no pickle. Oh, sorry, Karen! Here’s an idea: take the fucking pickle off yourself! Get over it and eat the damned burger. Then there’s the people who fake a food allergy just because they don’t like something. Yes, I know food allergies are a thing, especially when it comes to dairy, nuts, shellfish and the like. For the love of god, don’t say you’re “allergic to gluten” unless you really have celiac disease. Sure, you can have a sensitivity to it, but you’re not outright allergic, unless, as I said, you have celiac disease. Then, that’s a different story altogether.

One of the most despicable examples of the childish mindset of today: the “participation trophy” people. You know, the ones who think that no one should lose, that no one should ever be disappointed or get their precious feelings hurt. The ones who need “safe places” because some words offended them. Guess what? Not everyone is a winner. The last place person is not the “last winner” and second place is the first loser. Life is not fair, buttercup, so suck it up, get over it and yourself, and move the fuck on.

Here’s your participation trophy. If you weren’t in first place, YOU LOST!

It’s people like that that want game shows should have flexible rules. For example, Wheel of Fortune insists that the puzzle must be solved exactly as it reads. If you add even one word or mispronounce a word, it’s not correct. For example, in one holiday episode, the category was “Living Things”. The puzzle read “Seven Swans A-Swimming”. The person went to solve, and said “Seven swans a-swimmin’”. The judge deemed her answer incorrect, because she did not enunciate the “g” at the end of swimming. More recently, in a “crossword” category, the contestant, reading the words on the board said “sole, flounder, cod, and catfish”. Because of a 2016 rule change, contestants must solve using only the words on the board. The addition of the word “and” made the solution incorrect. The next player solved correctly and won. However, social media got all up-in-arms saying that the rule is too strict. Well, la-de-dah. You don’t like the rule? Don’t go on the show or watch. I say the rules are there for a reason. What about on Jeopardy!? During a kids’ tournament the correct question in Final Jeopardy was “What is the Emancipation Proclamation?” However, one kid added an extraneous letter, writing “Emanciptation Proclamation”. The judge ruled it incorrect and social media went ablaze, saying that they were too harsh on a kid. My response: good. People are so full of bullshit and uptight. The rules on a game show apply to all. You can’t make an exception because you can’t spell or enunciate. So, does that mean that if in the Showcase on The Price is Right, if the person overbids by $1 they should win anyway? That show says the winner is closest, without going over. Very clear and unambiguous. If you’re over by even one dollar. You lose. You misspelled you answer on Jeopardy? Tough shit. Is reading too hard? Don’t go on Wheel of Fortune. Got zonked on Let’s Make a Deal? Aw, too fucking bad. You ain’t winning the car are you?

Kid misspells the Final Jeopardy answer, causing him to be ruled incorrect
This woman overbid her prize package by $9. Does that mean it’s “close enough” and should win? The rules clearly say no.

God, I hate people’s “Burger King” mentality. What does that mean? Well, Burger King’s slogan for many years was “have it your way”. People think they can have everything the way they want it, when they want it. But, but, everyone is entitled to the newest, best iPhone! Oh, I gotta keep up with my neighbors! Okay, you want an iPhone, fine. You got the $1000 for it? What?! I have to actually pay for it? Isn’t there something the government can do for me?  Um, no. Stop sticking your fucking hand out waiting for your freebies. You know, you keep putting out your hand waiting for those government goodies, and one day Big Brother is going to chop that goddamned hand of yours off. Maybe not soon, but eventually, you’re gonna lose that hand!

Not too long ago, I upgraded my phone from a nearly-three-year-old Galaxy Note 9 to the newer Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I went from having 512GB on my phone to 128GB, but unlike the other Note 20s or the S21’s, mine still has the SD (memory) card slot. So, I still can utilize my 512GB SD card. Not that I ever got remotely close to using all that storage space, but it’s nice to know I won’t run out anytime soon. But, my phone didn’t come free. I’m shelling out about $55 a month for it, eventually paying $1300 for it. Nothing comes free; even if “product x” is free to you, someone along the line pocketed the cost of said “product x”.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

What do you think? Are we, as a society, in the right place and frame of mind? Or is something dreadfully wrong and we’re headed down a slippery slope, from which we may not ever recover without a culture or sticker shock? Are people being a bunch of overly-sensitive, butt-hurt pussies? Or are people juke more “woke” to all the perceived social injustices? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

It’s time to sign off once again. I’ll be back next week with another batch of randomness. Remember to wash those filthy paws, wear your mask where required, enjoy life beginning to return to semi-abnormal. And, as always, be safe and be well.

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